Chapter 1 Part 4

It was after midnight when I got off the train at the metro stop closest to my house. I climbed the from the metro station to the street slowly, still a little wobbly from that last beer. Well, let’s face it. I am a bit of a lightweight, and I had probably had at least three too many.

My phone beeped. I pulled it out and looked at it as I walked. Apparently I had missed a call. I did not recognize the number, but there was a voice mail. I must have missed the call while I was in the subway with no service. Continue reading

Chapter 1 Part 3

I took another sip of my beer, set down my glass and leaned back in the wooden chair. I glanced around the bar, soaking in the feel of it.

The place was small, and crowded even this early. It was Friday, after all. There was already a line to get to order from the single bartender, a college aged guy with a shaved head, a full beard, and a pierced eyebrow. Continue reading

Chapter 1 Part 2

I got off the metro at the King Street station, and walked the four blocks to that lawyer, Mr. Johnson’s, office. It was getting cold out, and the wind was whipping down King Street from the West, gusts carrying bits of paper and fallen leaves and cutting through my coat. I shivered, wishing I had worn a heavier coat. It was already late fall, but it had been warmer in the morning.

Heh. Welcome to Northern Virginia. Summer in the morning, winter in the afternoon. Continue reading